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The site where you can purchase ACT!.

This site is dedicated to ACT!<->Outlook synchronization products for individuals using ACT! 2007 and beyond

123 Professional Data (formerly ACT-To-Outlook)dedicated to ACT! and Outlook products for ACT! all the way from 2000 to 2009.
123 Professional Data

Conversion Services
Great web site offering conversion services for your data. More Info

Data Fields Manager Dedicated to issues related to field management of Data Fields in Outlook. More Info

Export ACT!, Outlook and BCM databases into .csv files.


Welcome to 123Addons.com!

Addons for ACT! (2007 and beyond):

Create Companies from Contacts for act!. Developed to create and maintain the companies database in act! in sync with the contacts database. Fast, consistent and does not create duplicate companies.

123 Skype Dialer for Act!. Dial directly from act! using our dialer.

123 Data Fields Exporter for Act!. Export all your ACT! 2007 and above to .csv files (separate web site at http://www.datafieldsexporter.com)

123 Sync for Act!. Sync act! with Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 and master the mobile world! (separate web site at http://www.123sync.com)

123 Mailbox Matchmaker for Act!. This great software scans the inbox/sent items folders in Outlook/Exchange/Hosted Exchange/Office 365 and identifies which emails do not have a corresponding contact in act!. Convert the Unmatched Emails to act! Contacts with the click of a button.

123 DB Clean for Act!. Clean up your act! database with this great tool!

123 Connect for Outlook and Act!: The Ultimate Outlook Toolbar for Act! http://123sync.com/123-connect-for-act-info.html

Addons for Outlook/Exchange:

Categories Administrator for Outlook. Manage, import, export, create, delete Outlook Categories the way it should work.

Data Fields Manager for Outlook. Manage and perform repetitive tasks on your Outlook Data using Data Fields Manager for Outlook (separate web site at http://www.datafieldsmanager.com)

Addons for Outlook Business Contact Manager

Create Accounts from Contacts for BCM. This great tool takes all your BCM contacts and creates/finds the corresponding BCM account.

Duplicate Contact Remover for BCM. Awesome tool identifies duplicate contacts and keeps the contacts with history.




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