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The site where you can purchase ACT!.

This site is dedicated to ACT!<->Outlook synchronization products for individuals using ACT! 2007 and beyond

123 Professional Data (formerly ACT-To-Outlook)dedicated to ACT! and Outlook products for ACT! all the way from 2000 to 2009.
123 Professional Data

Conversion Services
Great web site offering conversion services for your data. More Info

Data Fields Manager Dedicated to issues related to field management of Data Fields in Outlook. More Info

Export ACT!, Outlook and BCM databases into .csv files.

BCM Conversion Services
Access a wide array of conversion services to convert data from and to Outlook Business Contact Manager (BCM)


This great product removes the duplicate contacts from BCM. When multiple duplicate contacts are found, it keeps the contact that has history attached to it and removes the remaining contacts.
Key features of Duplicate Contact Remover for BCM:

  • Identifies duplicate contact in an act database. It uses the following matching criteria:
    • First Name and Last Name
    • First Name, Last Name and Company
    • First Name only. If company, phone, home phone, and email address match, it is a match.
    • Last Name Only. If company, phone, home phone, and email address match, it is a match.
    • Company Only. If phone, home phone, and email address match, it is a match.
  • Merges the Duplicate Contact's History Items. Once a duplicate contact is identified, if it has history items, it merges them with the main contact with NO LOSS of history information. History items supported:
    • Business Note
    • Phone Log
    • Opportunity
    • Business Project
    • Task
    • Mail Message
    • Appointment
    • File
    • These are the history items that we know of.
  • By far the best duplicate eliminator for BCM.




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