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Problem Report Form:

Use the problem report form to report any issues with our software, whether you are evaluating the software or purchased it.

If we fail to resolve the issue via email, we'll call you and try to find out whether we can duplicate and resolve the issue. The more information you provide us, the better. The more details you provide us, the higher the chance of us resolve the problem in a timely manner. Otherwise we'll be exchanging emails until the dawn of tomorrow.

Outlook Usability Issues: We get a lot of problem reports with questions about Outlook. For example, "How do I search a User defined field?", or "I added a user defined fields, how do I make it accessible to the form?". These issues are best dealt via the Microsoft Newsgroups than through us. This form is only for issues directly related to 123-Addons.com. Thank you for your understanding.

Consulting: If you are overwhelmed with the intricacies of Outlook and how to make the changes necessary for your application, we highly recommend purchasing our Consulting Services. We use gotomeeting.com to access your system and we can configure Outlook to do whatever you need it to do.

Note: We do not provide ANY kind of FREE support for FREE products. If you wish support for a FREE product, purchase a 1-hour consulting time and we'll help you. Click here to purchase.

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